How to hire people from these boards?

The company I work with is spinning some ideas about branching into game programming, and I was asked “since you know about 3D, can you please get an artist?” I said yes, which was perhaps a bit rash of me, since, though I know people in here who do great art, I have absolutely no idea how to go about locating someone who could be hired for some work. Does anyone have suggestions how best to go about it? Look for people and ask by PM, make a shout-out (and on what board), any ideas? It’s only a minor job (for now, at least), but I’d like to do it right, and in a way people will not find offensive or annoying.

Just post a good job description and The Usual Suspects will respond.

Or read the sticky.

Thanks UE!

This is a good site to hire folks . . . you may want to also get some information on contracts and other legal matters . . . in case!

And yes - best of luck!

This site seems to be mentioned here surprisingly seldom,

that sites code base seemed to be rather broken the last couple of times I checked it out. :frowning:

look in the freelancer category

I think a job section would be very useful for this forum and the artists involved.

+1 I agree totally.

Yeah, why not have a jobs section?

And while you are changing the board, could you please move the Python & Plugins forum to a board area that can accept BLEND file uploads?