How to hold a sword with both hands?

So a long sword,how can I hold with both hands? I try with child of constraint but I didn’t get it ,it’s works nicely for one hand control at a time but not for both hands
Any suggestion or advice ?

Parent with ‘chilf of’ constraint one ik hand to other ik hand

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Put two empties on the sword where the hands will be grasping and one in between the two.

‘Child of’ the two Hand Empties to the middle one (this will be the controller)
And ‘Child of’ the sword to the middle empty so that the sword follows the middle empty.

Next use the child of constraint on each IK hand to their corresponding empties (not the controller one)

This may be more steps than needed but for me it helps my mind understand where everything is going and what it’s doing.

This should allow you to rotate and move the sword to move both hands around at the same time. and if you need a hand to let go for a moment or change where it’s on the sword, you can move the empty if it’s a short moment, or animate the value slider of the child of constraint for the hand from 1 to 0 in the span of two frames to disconect it.

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