How to HURT??Help please

Please, are there any scripts to hurt, when fall from any height??Or can be it somehow done by using only logic bricks???

hey. i have wrote this script and here it is :wink:

cont = GameLogic.getCurrentController()
own = cont.getOwner()
obj_list = GameLogic.getCurrentScene().objects
player = obj_list[“OBDefault”]
health = player[“Health”]
speed = own.getLinearVelocity()[2]
if speed <= -8.5:
player[“Health”] = health + speed*7.6

The player is the object “Default”. It’s mass is 80. And have the integer property health.

Of course you can change it to your objects name.

To the player object just add the ray sensor with activate true level triggering, range = 2.5 but it is based on your player scale, and -Z axis. And connect it to the FallDamage script.

I hope you understand if not i can send a blend…

Thank so much, but i am not so good in scripting:confused:, so .blend file is welcome:yes:
PS:Ty si z Česka?

here it is

píšu že sem z česka tak sem ne? :smiley:

Jaj,:o, diki za blend
inac ta tvoja gamesa vyzera perfektne, to teda čumím:eek:
Trosku mi to pripomína blend týchto dvoch hier:spyro:the dragon a half-life(Xen mapy)

vpoho nejni zac :wink: jinak původní inspirace je z avatara a gameplay bude neco jako serie penumbra… a esi se mi povede udelat naka jednoducha AI tak se mate na co tesit… jinak dalsi projekt bude asi Ad Definitum Game Engine 2.0 a mozna ho uvolnim jako open source. na cem pracujes ty?

bude to nieco ako STALKER,akurat ze toto je len zastaralejsia verzia-tato praca je momentalne pauznutá.
Robím na takej zombie massakrovskej - tá je tiež pauznutá:D(ano asi som sialenec)
Mám teraz rozrobenú takú scénu (art, nie hru, taký kostol

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