How to I import other meshes/scenes?

Hello all, I’m brand new to Blender and these forums and I’m trying to make a simple parody of the shaving commercials we see all the time, so obviously I’m making a electric shaver. I decided to make the small blades in another scene and wanted to bring the simple mesh over from that scene into the shaver scene…however I found no obvious way to do this. If anyone could offer insight that would be great. I’m sure its simple to do but Blender has such a large array of controls it has not become obvious to me yet.

thanks again

File >> Append >> Navigate to the Blades.blend >> Click Objects >> Select the Blades Object with MMB (Middle Mouse Button). If they are more than one object RMB-Select all and click Load Library or whatever is at top right. Check the bottom header of that window that Append is on and not Link. The Blades will be imported into the same layer that they were on in Blades.blend.


Great thanks, that worked well. Now “all” i have to do is texture it, which as long as I read up properly should be ok. Thanks for your help.

thanks fligh, made my day :wink: