How to Identify Last Saved File

I save my files often, and frequently changing their names so I can know what was completed in each file, so I can pick up where I stopped last time. But this method is not working.

But some problems emerge.

  1. right clicking and looking at the properties tag does not help.
  2. Sometimes Blender 2.8 makes mistakes. Things will be added or work will not show.

For example – I unwrapped 2 objects and am ready to apply textures.

but the mapping appears on more than one file.

Does anyone have any method for knowing the last file saved?

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I just use the “Modified Date” setting in the Load window…with either icons or list…that always places the last saved file “First” in the window…

thank you for responding
but since I make many files in one day, many files have the same date, so that does not work.

Hmm…My files are also timestamped so if I save 3 files in a row and named different…the time stamp will separate them…

Also…if you hit the + key on the numpad when saving the file…you can increment the file by adding a number to it…might help you there.

thank you for these suggestions
what I find is that files have 3 time stamps:
1 accessed, that just means when I look at them
2. modified
3. created

the modified category seem most promising.

On my laptop I have no numpad.

Blender has a system in which they seem to add a 1 after a file every time it is saved, and sometimes saying the word blender again.

Yes, I use the Modified stamp…and the 1Blender files are the autosave files ie…Backup

What I have started doing now is creating different folders/directories for different stages in my work.

when I finish one stage I make a copy of the last file and rename it to be the first file in the next stage, then put it in folder for the next stage.

Some kind person here (??) whipped up a SAVE INCREMENT script, which I use as my default SAVE. That way I always have redundant files, as I have to make an effort to save over the existing filename.

Works a treat. :+1:t3:

Since I usually save with the format “FilenameYYMMDD_”, this seems adequate to my needs.

You might request that Blender increment a “Notes” feature to their scene file format so that you could add version notes readable in the file dialog.

thank you for your comment.

I am sure I am missing something, but this seems to be what blender is already doing

when it adds ones after the first save of a file with the same name.