How to identify missing library and its collection with Python?

As my project folder structure and naming convention were reorganized, missing libraries and collections occurred. To recover them collectively, I’m trying append into list the missing libraries and collections, but the API seems to have no properties related to missing. Maybe I couldn’t find it in the API? Or is there any way to get them with other programming techniques?

I found that['lib_name'].reload() caused errors about the broken library.
Try statements can help you find broken libraries.

import bpy

def lib_connected_or_broken():
    lib_connected = {}
    lib_broken = {}
    for lib in
            lib_connected[] = lib
            lib_broken[] = lib
    return lib_connected, lib_broken

lib_connected = lib_connected_or_broken()[0]
lib_broken = lib_connected_or_broken()[1]

Meanwhile, I still haven’t found a solution to the problem of finding disconnected collections. I will write more questions in detail.

If the name of the collection in the library changes, the blend file on the side you are referring to shows that the link is broken. When opening the file, the info editor informs you of the missing collection and you can also check the torn paper icon in the outline.

I want to identify these missing collections using Python. Is there an API related to missing collectoin?