How to identify one UV map from others?

For Vertex Groups (in the Data tab) one can click on the desired group in the little window (for previously created groups of course), then hit the “Select button” and the respective vertices will become selected (and lit up in orange) in the 3D View window, so you can have a visual feedback and know “what the heck you are doing”. But with the UV maps, there’s no such luxury :frowning: - Unfortunately my mesh won’t help much as every mesh part looks the same (a torus, divided in 3 from top view). I suppose I could always place a little something (shape, number, etc) in 3d right next to the part of the mesh that corresponds to the UV map in question. But I thought of asking in case there’s a more elegant/simple solution. Is there?

Thanks guys,


Please clarify what your problem is and what you want to achieve. Please show an example…

UVs are nothing like vertex groups. Vertex groups don’t have to hold all the vertices in an object, UVs have to include all the vertices

Hey Richard, thanks for asking.

Well, you know what? As I was coloring the torus to explain my dilema, I also figured it out :wink:
While one of the UV maps was selected in its window, I selected one seams-delimited area at a time until one area showed my previously edited UVs. Then just in case, I added the name of the color to its corresponding UV map. Now there’s no way I would get mixed up.
I’m prepping it for Texture painting.