How to ik rig unconnected bones?

i imported niko bellic to blender so i could animate him but i needed to ik rig him but his bones are disconnected. how do i ik rig armatures that have disconnected bones like that one?

So long as the bones are properly parented, they don’t need to be connected for IK constraints. (They do for auto IK though.)

If you have some existing animation you need to preserve, you can’t change the bone axes. But if you don’t, you can just adjust the bones’ tails manually.

Enter edit. For each bone: select its head. snap cursor to selection (shift s menu). Select its parent’s tail. Snap selection to cursor (shift s menu). If needed, select the child, shift select the parent, and parent connected (ctrl p menu).

Shame that blender parents connected bones by moving the child’s head to the parent’s tail-- if it moved the parent’s tail to the child’s head instead, this would be a lot easier.

i wanted to ik rig the bones without having to connect the bones, but if i dont connect the bones, the bone controlling the ik of the other bone needs to be connected to the tail of the bone. example if i select both the ik controller and the forearm of niko belly and apply ik constraint, the tail of the foream of niko belly automatically connects to the head of the ik controller, is there any way to ik rig the armature without having to touch the armature’s bones?

If you want, you can just change the tail position of the final bone in the IK chain.

okay thanks