How to implement Monaco like dynamic lighting?

Lighting in the indie game Monaco looks interesting,
is it possible to implement same effect with BGE?

I really wanna use it in my current game. Any one
can help me? :wink:
With Lamp, GLSL or some other stuff?

Thanks for quick reply. :slight_smile:

Yep, that’s it.
I’ve seen a Box2D demo using this kind of ray casting,
but still hard to implement it.

I just found a video about 2D lighting with OpenGL.

Is that possible to use inside BGE by Filter or something?

This is great method, i will have a try now.
Thougth shadow will not be cool like Monaco’s is a little pity.

Well I think I can put a plane with transparency above every cell, so I can change its transparency
to make effect better. To make cells near lighted ones not dark like the others.

Vertex Paint can help out a little here…

sorry to add this.