How to impor model from .blend file to my scene

Hi, i have a model saved into a .blend file, now i want to import it to an scene that i have saved into another .blend file.

My question is if i have to save the model into another format or i can import it directly from that .blend file?

Shift+F1 / append

jor 1980,

I am not sure if I am reading you correctly, but if you have one .blend file (Lets call it A) and want to import an other .blend file (Lets call it B) then follow theses steps.

  1. Open up .blend file A
  2. Go to File > Append
  3. Now you have to locate where .blend file B is, Select it
  4. After selecting it you will see 8 folders, each called “Brush”, “Camera”, “Lamp”, “Mesh”, “Object”, “Scene”, “Texture”, & “World”
  5. You will select the “Object”.
  6. In there you need to locate where you model is. It could be called “Sphere”, “Cube” etc, it depends on how you started your model, but to help you narrow it down it will not be, “Camera”, “Lamp” etc.

Now you should have both models in the one scene.

good explanation, except

Now you should have both models in the one scene
maybe should read

Now you should have the one object in both blend files :slight_smile:

thank you very much, now it works.