How to import a ascii *.pts piont cloud file?

I have scanned data
It is a ascii *.pts piont cloud file
How to import it to blender?
How to convert it for import to blender?
Thank you.

I open *.pts in CloudCompare and save it as *.ply.
Blender has ply importer… but… it eat all my memory and dont load file (no error, just freeze)
Then i successfully open ply in Meshlab, but…
In what format i must save my pionts?
I try:
dae - crash
obj - successfully export but when i import it in blender there is no points
Please help

688 Megabytes file :slight_smile: Make smaller sections of point clouds with CloudCompare and save separate files. After that import.

Thank you for answer!
I do exactly but after import in blender vertex colors is lost(((
Make you give me an advice?
How to right to reconstruct points to mesh? in blender or in meshlab?

I found the best way!
Open .pts file in CloudCompare (why pts don’t opens in Meshlab?) and save it to .ply.
Open .ply in Meshlab and folow this tutorial
Save mesh to .ply again and open it in blender.
That’s it)))

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