how to import a character from another blend file ?

Well i made a scene and now i want some people on the streets, so i went to blendswap, took some people, but now how do i get them into my blend, i know here is append and link, but what should i do to get a full mesh with textures and rigs all together in my street scene ?

click append then open the blendswap file and import the object. if i remember correctly ( i havnt used it for a while) everything associated with the mesh comes with it. (rigs and textures) if i’m wrong simply append the rig and textures afterwards. though i am pretty certain it all comes together, i cretainly dont remember having to re apply the rig and textures to my appended models

so i dont click inside the file ?

open your working file and click append. you’ll be taken to the file browser where you choose the blend file that contains your asset. from there you select the object folder and choose the object or objects if what you want is in multiple parts (like a head, eyes, clothes etc)
then hit the append button which is where the save/load button would normally be. your assets should all now be inside your work file.
no need to open any other files outside the one you’re working on

Sorry but how can you select multiple items in there ?, i am used to windows explorer, i gues there is some blender keyboard shortcut ?

Shift+click over the items will add to selected


nothing special about the shortcut. shift click/ ctrl click to select multiple files. works the same in nearly all folders, not just blender. :slight_smile: