How to import a fluid dynamics file to Blender?

I’m totally new to Blender with a background in mechanical engineering. I would really appreciate if someone could answer my question or tell me what to look up and give me a bit of nudge in the right direction.

I’m looking for some help to import my simulation files to Blender. I’ve done some fluid dynamics numerical simulations with a CFD code (the code models the breakup of liquid jets into sprays by solving the liquid flow Navier-Stokes equations in combination with a volume fraction method which tracks the free surface — the boundary between liquid and air).

The output files contain fluid information such as volume fraction function for each computational cell. I can import my data files in Tecplot to plot the iso-surfaces but I’m looking for a way to use Blender as a post-processor for my numerical simulations, due to powerful graphical features that Blender has. I’m wondering if there is any script to import the liquid volume fraction iso-surfaces to Blender. Any suggestion is highly appreciated.