how to import a .max file

i wanted to know if anyone knows how to import a .max file

From the CGSociety wiki:

3ds Max saves scenes to a proprietary binary format with the extension .MAX. The specification of the format is not public.

So you won’t have much luck. You can only try to export to a format Blender can import.

You can export to .3DS in Max, and use the 3DStudio import in Blender but be warned, many things don’t translate well.

I’ve also got a large amount of assets I’d like to import properly in Blender from Max, would be especially nice if I could get blender to import quads instead of tris, so if anyone has a better way of going about it?

Don’t use the .3DS format. That was invented 20 years ago…right?

Export to Collada out of Max

Cool, haven’t tried that yet.

Or another old format .obj, which is sometimes more reliable than Collada at the moment. I have found through other packages that Collada can somehow be translated differently and is missing some minor things in surface data. Either format should be fine though.