How to import a mesh in Second Life ?

Hi everyone,

Someone asked me to model him a pair of shoe for his Second Life avatar. Modeling is my speciality but I’ve never used Second life before and I don’t really know how does it work to import a mesh properly (including UV textures). He sent to me a FBX file for his avatar so I made the shoe fit to the leg and rigged to the skeleton. But when I import it to the game, the shoe looks weird and don’t fit correctly to the foot.
I’ve heard about an addon called Avastar but I don’t want to pay for that

If someone can help me, I give him a cookie :slight_smile:

Have you tried Collada? I think the developer of that plugin uses it mainly for second life (?) Cookie can be sent to Barcelona, Spain :wink:

I’m already using DAE collada file, and it works but not 100% correctly. (so half a cookie :slight_smile:

Hi Rige the flow, if it is necessary to you at the moment or to help others, then here are links:
add, I use avastar it really facilitates the work and it worth that to buy it.