How to Import An Image Sequence?

I try to import an image sequence with the Images As Planes with 10 image
here is an option I use when I try to import
Animate Image Sequences > On
Camera > fill
Offset Planes > off
it shows first(1) and the end(10) image separate from animate image (2-9)
How do I get a full animated (1-10)frame?
what should I do ??

Try checking Auto Refresh on the image sequences node. That allows you to see the image sequence play live the viewport.
If you mean that it’s not showing the all of the frames in the render then I’m not sure.

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I try to change the number of frames from 8 to 10 in the shadow editor but the first frame show a pink shadow.

nvm, I change the start frame to 2 it works well. thnk you for the help

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