How to import another blender model into the current project

hey im right now working on a schoolproject where im trying to make an animated shortfilm but iv’e encountered a small problem. ive made a quite cool helicopter that i want to flyround an island ive made on another savefile so how do i import the helicopter to the savefile on the island? im using blender 2.59 thanks in advance
(sorry for spelling but im quite bad at it)

Open your island blend file. In the file menu, go to “Append”. Click the blender file your helicopter is in, and then click on “Object”. Select your helicopter from the list, click “Link/Append from library” and you’re good to go :slight_smile:

In your island file, choose Append from the File-menu (or shift+F1). Then you can browse into your helicopter-savefile and pick it from the Objects-category

Thanks alot guys!!!