How to import DAE in blender 2.5

Hey, I was wondering, how do I get the .dae file I imported in to my scene in blender 2.5. I imported it with the COLLADA plugin, but nothing shows up in my scene.


You’re not the only one. I’m trying both on Win and Mac but no luck so far. At the best I just see and empty in the scene.

The same here, also the standard .obj and .dfx importers (maybe others also) just seem to show nothing after import. I know that the coding is getting updated and can break scripts as it is not stable yet so maybe this is the reason why.

For now what i have been doing is importing with 2.49 and save the .blend then open that in 2.5 although this changes the layout and i am not sure how to reset it back to the main 2.5 style. This might work as a workaround for now if you have 2.49 also. I was actually going to ask about the importers but it seems it is broken for others also but hopefully these will get fixed soon.

first select your .blend file, after go to the left and uncheck the Load UI option. This will keep your blender default layout as it is in 2.5
or better try and append the file, not open it :wink:

is collada .dae working for you, now ? cause mine no :expressionless: