How to import dxf file

What is going wrong? why i cannot import dxf file in blender. Getting this huge error list while importing. Cad file are attach.

cad files

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Silly question but did you check the preference for importing dxf files?

Try these. You can import the SVG and look at dimensions on pdf.

Not sure what was going on with that importing of dxf. Weird.test.pdf (107.2 KB)

FYI. There were some x on some of the drawings and only provided the ones with checkmark

Try to save in older dxf format.

i tried it did not work

I looked at your file initially in an AutoCAD application but no longer have your file on my system and the download link is expired, so I can’t test it again.

I would say, aside from an unsupported version issue, the problem is likely related to blocks or unsupported entities.

Although the import plugin is supposed to handle conversion of blocks, it is a common failing point for many applications in importing AutoCAD blocks.

You could try exploding all blocks in another application before importing to Blender.