How to import modules, external files into blender3d python

Hi Guys

I was wondering though if it was possible to import external python libraries and modules into Blender python using the ‘import’ function as is done in normal python.

I tried it but it doesn’t work, even though it works fine when I import external modules from python command prompt. Do I need to make any configurations to Blender3d for this?

Any suggestions

yes - you just need to install python first on your computer. Also you need to install the version of python that blender is built against.

I currently have python version 2.4 installed but when Blender3d when it starts - the console reads

using Python version 2.3
import site failed: use -v for traceback

you don’t suppose that could be causing me troubles? If so what should I do?

using Python version 2.3

That says Blender was built with Python 2.3.

That is the version you need to install. Python 2.3 modules import just fine.

Or you can wait a couple of weeks until the next version of Blender which will use Python 2.4

Thanks for the advice I installed Python 2.3 and now everythings working fine. Thanks again.