How to import scripts?

I need to export a model to ogre xml, and i already have a script that does this, but i don’t know how i should import the script so I can start it from blender.

You should at least supply the most basic of info such as what blender version and what operating system ?
The most basic method is top open the script in a text window and run the script.

first, which version of blender do you use ?
2.49 or 2.55 ?
also your skript is for which version?

at this moment there are only one exporter for 2.49 which can export animation + mesh
and another one for 2.55 which doesnt export animation (yet)
and a future one which will support animation but isnt written yet, only when blender beta phase is out

here is how you can import the script in 2.49

look at installation part
if you use the 2.55 version then …CTRL ALT U
install new addon and so on

PS: richard was faster than me ^^
but like he said, you should tell us your blender version and your os

operating system: Windows 7 (why does this matter?)
Blender wersion: i don’t know, but i downloaded it abouth 2 weeks ago so i think the latest.

copying and pasting the source code, then running id doesn’t work.