How to Import Sintel into my Project?

So I’ve created a sniper rifle scene in Blender (I have 2.65a), and now I’m thinking of using Sintel to interact with the rifle, so I need to either import her into the rifle project, or import the rifle into her project file.

The problem I’m having is twofold:

  • Whenever I do anything in the version of Sintel downloaded from Blendswap (Sintel Lite 2.1), it takes ages to get Blender to respond. Do I need to convert the Sintel project to 2.65a? Anything I do locks up Blender, and one of my 8 CPU threads is maxed out for long periods of time.

So I’m thinking of importing her model into my rifle project, which is 2.65a-based.

  • How best to go about doing this? I’ve never imported an object from one project into another yet, and the Sintel model itself is a step in complexity!

Is there a video or howto guide on using Sintel in projects?

Since the rifle would be less complexed compared to Sintel, append the rifle model for starters.

Having fun with Sintel on Christmas Eve, I came up with this:

There are a few problems I’m having:

  • The Sintel-Lite model from Blendswap doesn’t seem to come with the high-quality textures required when rendering Sintel in Cycles - her skin, hair, and head are all black, and the clothes are flat colours.

  • The model’s rigged with a single finger bone, so I can’t form a fist, or bend the trigger finger into the correct position?

For me the Sintel is looking very good and nice, I think you can make a little shooting game with that. :smiley:

Keep up the good work mate :slight_smile: