How to importa complex character / facial panel?

I’ve made a rig with lots of separate body parts and bones and it also has a facial panel with lots of shapes acting like drivers that I keep on a different layer.
I imported it like usuall =-> Append - select all the body parts, armature and driver shapes but after the import the driver shapes are on the same layer and the charcater can’t be edited or animated in Pose mode, those options are greyd out.
Everything has a blue outline instead of orange.

Is this normal, is there a way I can set my character in Pose mode?


Are you sure you’re appending and not linking? Blue outline sounds like linking.

Yes, I’m very sure :slight_smile:

There is a way to append and have everything land on the same layers that they were on in the original project.

If I am remembering from memory correctly, when you do file … append, you will see some link/append options on the left panel toward the bottom. I think you uncheck the active layer option.

You might try that and see if it works and fixes the problem.

One question I would ask, is are you appending a project that used make human in someway? On older versions they had all these nice facial shape options, but on the newer versions, they were unable to add those. So if your original project used an older make human model, and then you possibly installed one of the newer versions, perhaps that could be messing things up.

Thank you, I was not aware of those options.
I didn’t use make human.