How to improve hair dynamics quality

I was playing with hair particles in blender 2.74/2.75 and this is what i get.
Scene file (32MB)!HoR0WY5D!zMJlHhnsoLQLxmZjECfWDifDdyGLEAruNul1DCUVvPU
Resoult animation
Good results:

  • it’s dynamical!
  • setup for cycles
  • floor collisions
    Bad results:
  • no hair’s selfcollisions!
  • hair’s artifacts (see legs)

Scene file is 250MB!!! Why?!W0QnTYoR!bJHB5lyu-KkY8P8IDplruejam5vWlLoCHOC6gr8xcaQ
Howewer it’s same scene like with blender-2.74, almost same! Because blender-2.74 does not open scene of blender-2.75! Why?
Resoult animation
Good results:

  • better, than in 2.74, cycles render
    Bad results:
  • no floor collisions! Why?
  • no hair’s selfcollisions!
  • same dynamics artifacts

Help me to solve this. Is it good blender examples of hair’s dynamics?
Thank you.

I can’t help you with the hair dynamics (a noob at that myself), but the increase in size is because you didn’t select Compress when saving it.

PS: Cool animation, btw.