How to improve my first scene?


I’ve got a draft of an image (my first in Blender, and in 3D!). I have to say I really enjoy doing this :smiley:

From the picture, do you see any obvious thing/parameter to add/delete/change to get a better rendering?

For the moment I use “Blender internal” and I feel it lacks a bit of contrast.
I’ve got one spot in the front, one light one each side, and five lights on the ground. Only the spot has “ray shadow” enabled.

Many thanks for your hints,


You can see a larger pic here:

For your info, the bulky objects represent proteins from the cell and they
are also shown as graphs, which is a representation I use to classify proteins.


it looks nice,just wonedering,were you just free modelling or is there a point to your scene?

I guess its still in the realm of “reflective balls”, but the objects on the left are interesting of themselves.

I like what you’ve done for a first image, and am keenly interested in how you acheived the globule looking mirrors on the left hand side.

Depending on what you want to do with as a final (eg. make it a wallpaper or some such) you may think along the lines of extending the planes to infinity distance, making the world settings a similar colour as the planes instead of black, and then maybe introducing some mist.

Dunno what you have in mind for the vision of this, it really just looks more like a test blend than something that will become a final presentation/scene.

Track Wrecka, there is actually a point: the objects on the left are proteins i.e., the mechanical pieces found in any living cell/organism. The objects on the right are a simplified representation of these proteins that I use in my work (I do bioinformatics, or “biology in a computer” :slight_smile: )

DracoFodder: thanks for your suggestions, the mist is a nice idea but I don’t know how to do that. I wanted to extend the planes to infinity but for some reason it doesn’t work. When an object is too far from the center of the scene is just disapears for some reason. Maybe there is a “scene bounding box” defined somewhere but I don’t know where then. I’d be happy if you could point me out what to do to avoid this problem.


alright, in the camera editi setting( select the cam, then go into edit buttons) and chose the end. Default is 100.Mist is in the world settiings. And to get smooth shadows, use the buf shadow option on your spot. Makes for a nice, soft, indoor feeling. NIce for a first render( or did you mean, first serious project?) anyway, good luck with your endeavors, and whatnot
peaceout man

Thanks AnRk! Will try. Mhh, ok lets say 2d project :slight_smile: The first one was the wiki cube tutorial, which is very well done btw!

oh,yes now i understand,but are you going to use this for any reason was my question?

The render is nice, but a bit confusing. I see some hints of: this basic structure results in that shape protein (reinforced mainly by the colors) and the reflection is a nice touch to help reinforce the three dimensional nature of the graphs. But, the reflection also adds some awkward extra reflections (the red protein shows up in the middle of the image, and the yellow protein’s reflection is under the green graph). Also the series of lights running down the intersection of the two planes, while interesting as isolated elements, don’t seem to add anything to the overall image.

It’s difficult to critique, though, without knowing the purpose of the image. Are you trying to convey information, or making an abstract out of your work materials, or what? Without knowing where you want to take the piece, it’s tough to give you any hints on how to get there.

Track wreka: sorry I didn’t get that what you were asking. I would like the figure to make the cover of a scientific journal where I’m going to publish a paper. This would highlight my work :slight_smile:

Orinoco: I guess the above explaination helps you understand my goal. I would like people to understand that I use graphs to represent proteins, and I would like to make people curious about my work so that they read my paper, or at least the abstract.

I thought this image was a bit too complicated, almost confusing as you say Orinici, (at least for a scientific purpose) so I modified it to a simplier picture, which you can see at very high resolution there:

I have to say I am quite happy of the result!

I’ll let you know if it is accepted as a cover :slight_smile: Fingers crossed!


Very nice! No crits from me!