How to improve my lighting

The image I was using as reference

Vs how my scene turned out

Using 2 area lights as main ceiling lights and 3 strip lights as in pics
How to improve my renders, any link would be helpful or let me know if you need any additional data


What exactly do you want?
Do you want to reproduce the same light conditions as your reference image? For that, the area lights are not what you need as the reference image has pronounced shadows and with an area light you will not have that unless the area is really small. The reference image is also a bit weird, cause it has light sources projecting shadows that you should be able to see the light points, but they aren’t there.

At least that spot on the roof should be emitting light, but it looks dark.

So, what exactly do you want to achieve?

to achieve same lighting as the reference image but also on how to improve my scene overall, I have yet to try compositing image using render passes and I’ve heard they make image look really good but since idk more about them the only thing I could change is in the scene itself

I think the problem is with the color management.

Blender uses its own “filmic” color space for renders. This is good, as it allows the colors and exposure to react somewhat like a camera, however the default settings look a bit flat. You can tweak these settings:
Your image would need to be a bit more exposed and a bit more contrasted than it is now.

Alternatively, you could use the compositor’s color correction nodes to work more finely on the image.

I would also add that your scene mostly uses brighter materials than the reference, so it will never look exactly the same (not that there is anything wrong with that).


Another thing to try is to use HDRI lighting in World settings, But then it’ll affect also the reflections, so choose HDRI with relatively balanced brightness.

That’s a bit of a hard assumption as nobody knows what lights outside the view influences the brightness of the scene. The ceiling i.e. is far too bright to only be illuminated by bounces from the strip lighting. Meaning the reference image must have other lighting.

Thanks man After your reply I realized that It wasn’t a case of how to make it look similar to reference but more like how to make it better, I played with few settings and I got the results I liked

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Thanks man, I’ve only used HDRI for exteriors till now but I’ve started to play with Interiors recently, I’ll surely remember to use a HDRI suitable to my scene as till now I’ve used only single one which is similar to my default

@CarlG True, Seems like I’ll need to play around a little bit to find something similar to the reference Thanks for pointing things out, usually I’d have kept trying to fit the lighting from only what I have rather than trying to see beyond the things visible