How to improve texture work from here?

Hi there, I hope this question isn’t too vague. I’m currently working on a game, making the assets in blender, and I was just looking for any advice on how to perhaps improve my texture work to bring around a better sense of style, or improve the artistic eye of the game. Currently I am using a mixture of photographs and PBR Materials, but sometimes I feel like it maybe looks a little flat, or too clean; especially since soon I will be working on areas that would be more industrial.

Am I on the right track but maybe need a little nudging or is this going completely off course? Thanks for reading

Welcome :tada:

…well… when looking at the geometry of the barrel… even doubleing the vertex without bump and/or normal map… this … and the basket seeems to have by far more

I think you should find different game art as reference… to find some style you want to follow polygon an texture-like and then start trying to improve anything.

For example the assets should share some look/style even without any texture at all.