how to include particles in mesh

I´m using version 2.49

scene 1: contains a mesh called globe, it has hair particles
scene 2: contains a mesh called cubetwo,
now, lets go to scene 2 and in the “ME” box replace “cubetwo” with “globe”.
do you see that the mesh changes, but the particle system attached to it does not accompany it anymore

You seem to be confusing what a mesh (ME) is and what an object (OB) is. Think of an object as a container which can contain many things such as a particle system, a material, a mesh (the layout of vertices). All you’re doing is changing the mesh component of the second object to have the same shape as the first but it will not have the other parts of the first object.
It is the concept of datablocks

I see…, all right so I have to link a particles system as well, but how do I do this nor does anything pop up in google, among other things because the word “link” is normally used in another connection…

But I have tried this(file uploaded)

I have in the globe mesh in scene 1 created a vertex group called hairzone,
I also label the particles system hairzone.
I then go to scene 2, replace the cube with the globe,and would then expect to find amoung groups “hairzone”, but nope:-( but I do find under particle systems my previous used “hairzone”, but I cannot trace the vertex groups that it should be applied on.
How to fix this or another workaround??


artistsfileVersion2.blend (221 KB)