how to increase UV editor's grid size

Hi everybody,
How can I increase or decrease UV Editor’s Grid size? Please help me out.

Thank you.

when you add a new file you can specify the size of the grid
then select the grid

happy 2.5

Thank you Ricky. :slight_smile:
Is there any other way to increase the grid size except adding new image?

you can always use another external soft to make your UV map
but inside blender it’s the only way i know !


thank you so much for the help. :slight_smile:

Uhm, you can zoom in and out the UV grid, but there is not really a size. It’s basically a square shaped grid.

The pixel size is determined by the image applied in the UV window, which can be any image of any size or ratio

Alright! thank you :slight_smile:

I tried. But when I take a new image I cant save it with UV layout image as I unwrap object over this image area. It always and only comes with square shape just like UV grid. So how can I have the UV layout image with my image area (also with rectangular shape). Is it possible?