How to initiate remote render? I just set up a render farm...

I just got a new computer, and my old computer is the gateway I was using. Gateway has a cow-type logo. Between the two computers I guess this means its official: I have a render farm!

Well, maybe thats an overstatement. But I was wondering if there is a way to initiate a render on the base computer to my newly appointed “slave” computer, which has a cow logo.

I don’t need an in-depth how-to, just a link. I couldn’t seem to find explanations on the subject.


uh… remote desktop connection? teamviewer? or maybe i dont understand the question.

Thats ok, neither do I.
Scererio: I’m working on computer one, and when I initiate render, it happens on computer 2. Computer two, in other room, starts rendering. I work on computer 1 without loss of resources. How does one do this?