How to input "Offset" to "Texture" node

Hi all,

I’ve got another question concerning composition nodes, I hope i can express this clearly :slight_smile:

The texture node in the composition editor can take an offset (X,Y,Z) and a size (X,Y,Z) as input. Manually setting them is no problem, but i need it animated. My initial plan was to use a texture (in this case procedural) that moves left&right along the x-axis of the screen by feeding the offset value from a (mapped) time node (‘grey’ socket).

But how can i use a ‘grey’ value (single value) as an input for the ‘normal’ (blue; mostly X,Y,Z) sockets?
There is no converter that has in-/outputs like: [Input: X,Y,Z | Output: Normal]

Any ideas?


I have attempted the same thing several times myself, but it seems that there may not be a way to dynamically alter any or the blue sockets…yet. I’m sure the devs will get around to this though. Still, the ofset property is cool for layering a material over itself, especially with the darker blending modes such as multiply or darken. I’ve made some really cool animated backgrounds using the offset and scale property of animated procedurals and combining that with vector blur. I hope the devs get around to this soon because animating the normal dot would make for really cool lighting effects.

I’ve added it as a bug report (or should it rather be a featurte request?)


Wow, response was fairly curt, but at least we know theey’re working on it and won’t accept any substandard code. Ton’s solution was very reasonable and sort of backward from what I had mentioned in the post above. Sometimes the simplest things make me feel like an idiot!

Actually it’s my own fault in this case since it is now clear that this topic is seen as a feature request - which the bug-tracker is not supposed to be used for :wink:
And the workaround sounds quite usefull and not too hard to setup in comparision.