how to insert a keyframe for lamp distance

Title says it all…

When i hit “insert keyframe”, the distance of the lamp isn’t available…
How do i change that?

Like adding any keyframes press I with your mouse hovering over the parameter you want to keyframe

No… When I try to add a keyframe for the lamp’s distance… it’s not there. That’s what I mean. I know how to insert frames, i just can’t find the distance for the lamp’s.

The distance value is in the lamp settings. If a lamp doesn’t use a distance value, like a sun or hemi lamp, you obviously won’t find one.

I know where the distance value is… But how can i insert a keyframe for it…?

I tell you in post #2 of this thread

It’s not working… And I’m using 2.49…

usefull to have mentioned that you were using a version that is a good few years old now and superceded by numerous other versions.
Look in the IPO editor window and see if the distance parameter is an option for lights. You can add keyframes directly in the window.
If the option is not there, hard luck, you’ll have to upgrade.

yeah… It’s still not working…