How to insert a keyframe for the Outliner eyeball/arrow/viewport/render icons?


(simplecarnival) #1

I’ve been experimenting with the latest 2.8 beta on Linux and I really like what I’ve seen.

One thing I haven’t been able to figure out, though, is…in 2.78, I was able to right-click on the eyeball/arrow/viewport/render icons in the Outliner and insert a keyframe with the current toggle state of the icon. I relied upon this feature a LOT (especially the eyeball/render icons) in animation.

Is this feature gone? Did it move to somewhere else? Is it just temporarily missing since this is a beta?

(aleksi1) #2

AFAIK you can only keyframe those properties on single objects, not collections. (At least for now. Also, eye icon can’t be keyframed, only screen/render/selection)

I’ve also relied on them a lot in 2.79, but it seems that they don’t function properly in 2.8 yet. As in, they take keyframes but they don’t update properly in the viewport when changing frames. They don’t work when rendering, either. I really hope they fix this soon :slight_smile: Also, fingers crossed that it becomes possible to animate these on collections!

edit: who else would LOVE to have a simple animatable opacity slider for every object, in the object properties tab? Sort of make it automatically assign a mix with a transparent material, that would be independent from the object’s actual material, so that many objects with the same material could have different fade timings. And have an option to show/hide any underlying faces… Ahh, one can dream :yum: