How to insert bones into a character and the using of Z-blur


My name’s Godgiven, i’m a blender user and i’ve many difficult with bones, i can’t use it because when i try it’s doesn’t that’s why i need your help, it’s very important for me, therefore if you can get me some informations (tutorials or didactitiels) about that it’s will help for what i want to create. My second problem it’s Z-blur i wanna know what exactly Z-blur and how to use it, if you’ve tutorials or didactitiels give it to me or show where can i find it. I’m waiting for your answer.


  1. See the sticky above this “How to get ahead in Animation” by Hos.

  2. Z-Blur is a plugin that simulates Depth of Field in photography; it blurs color definition based on the Z-Depth of objects relative to the camera assuming Y is Up/Down and X is Left/Right.