How to Insert Only Rotation or Scale Keyframes with Auto-Keying

I’m in the process of animating an armature. I want the rotation and scale keyframes for the bones to be independent (so if you move a rotation keyframe on the timeline, it doesn’t mess with the scale animations, and vice versa). Using auto-keying and the translation hotkeys is more convenient than going to the item tab for the bone and using Insert Single Keyframe followed by specifying a value. However, using auto-keying by default creates a location, rotation, and scale keyframe, requiring me to remove the unwanted keyframe components afterward.

Is there a way to use auto-keying that creates only a rotation, or only a scale keyframe? Thanks!

In the Timeline, if you click on the Active Keying Set you’ll have access to a dropdown menu and you can choose what transformation you want, is it what you’re looking for?


If I set the Active Keying Set to Rotation, then use R to rotate an object in the 3D viewport with auto-keying on, it still creates location and scale keyframes along with the rotation keyframe. So that would not appear to be what I am looking for.

EDIT: Ah, I need to also enable Auto Keyframe Insert Keying set along with choosing an Active Keying Set in the Keying menu. And that actually solves my problem. Seems that’s a new addition, since the menu you showed doesn’t have that option. Thanks for the assistance!