How to insert the images in 3d plan, Audio timeline


I am user of Blender and I am confronted with a problem, that of insertion of image in 3d in a plan or a landscape which I have create, if you can help me on this problem that will facilitate many things to me.¶I have also questions about the audio timeline (audio sequencor), I tried to use a file wave in the video assembly which I had to make but this last posts “only files waves of 16 bits”, I would like to know if there is a site where I can get files waves of 16 bits so that I can make the sound assembly, in waiting of a continuation favorable to my request I say to you thank you in advance.


1 - planar mapping of images (add material, add texture, change texture to image, load image, done). checking the documentation on will also help.

2 - get a copy of audacity (opensource wave editor, available for linux, windoze, OSX) load your sampe and export in the formats required. you may also do this with virtualDub, which unfortunately is available for windows only.