How to insert the ropes into this rig

I have done my modeling and now want to rig some components for a more flexible use. Mind that I’m quite new to this, so bear with me.

I want to rig the tackle and the ropes to follow the boom as it rotates around the mast. I tried different approaches, but none seemed to work out. The most simple was to use constraints. This worked as far as the direction went, but I could not get to work the stretchTo constraint as I wanted. I’m aware that the stretching happens along the Y-axis, which is the default axis on bones. Therefore I started experimenting with bones: One bone for the tackle and one each for the ropes, this always resulted in odd behavior as the ropes did not move at all or went in the totally wrong direction. As I understand this the model has to be set up so that the rope length is correct in the resting position.
Then I had the idea to turn the bones around, so they form a bone chain from the mast through the boom and the ropes to the tackle:

The tackle root does not move, so the whole setup is somewhat like a leg. Though the way this is set up I do not need an IK. I would need that if the tackle bone went the other way round right?
The question I have now is, how do I have to insert the ropes, so they follow the Rope bones and stretch along with them?
I’ve attached the blend file for more clarification.
I hope someone has an idea, so I can learn something from this.

Thanks in advance



tackleRope3.blend (530 KB)