How to inset single faces from a polysphere ?

  • add a polysphere
  • edit mode
  • select all with the key A in face mode
  • press I for inset …

… Now I can’t inset the single faces of my polysphere, I can’t inset nothing at all, basically nothing happens on my mesh.

How i can inset each single face at this point ?

Use blender 2.67 RC1

If your version of Blender is recent enough, you can press [I], [I] (Yes, twice.) and it will inset each face individually. Otherwise, I don’t see any other way than insetting the faces one by one, well, several at a time, assuming they don’t share any vertex. There is an option in the Mesh to extrude individual faces but there is no such thing for insetting… and setting the pivot point to Individual Origins doesn’t work. (I just tested.)

EDIT: And Richard beat me on the finish line…

Richard Marklew, fastest .blend in the west.

downloading the RC now, I’m gonna try this when finished, I was with the 2.66a by the way

Ok, what double tapping the I key is doing it’s what I wanted, thanks for the help.

You made my day guys. But a question? Where do you get the info about the new features? The relnotes not cover the usage of the improvements.

Thank you.
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