How to install Addons ?

i downloaded and went to Install Addon from File. When selecting the .zip file and hit “Install from File…”, nothing happens.

Then when i unzip it, there are 4 files. If i select all and “Install from File…”, it seems to have installed only the first file.

When i go one by one and “Install from File…” each, it still only shows the first installed file.

Is it only showing the first file and all is installed ? Or how is this done properly if not ?



Think Measuring is in blender default…I downloaded it and installed it from Zip file…I got the script fault…in

2 version of same file…I removed the mesaurit folder in C:\user…Bla bla…:slight_smile:

I use daily build and it is in there…Version is 1.6.7

Hope this is right Im a noob…)


th Tai,
do you mean i don’t need to add the addon and can remove it and it still is built in ?
I removed the Measureit addon, but the “Measure” vertical tab on the right of screen now is gone.


I have a Blender folder…Where I unzip daily build to…I run the Blender.exe From the unzipped folder…Measureit is in that folder.
And Version is 1.6.7

The measureit folder You shal remove is in Your C:\user\Frank\Appdata\roaming…Bla bla…)

In Windows…Show hidden Items need to be turn on to see the folder.

Hope this help


k cool thx