How to install IES texture node in 2.79 with windows

I’m currently using Blender 2.79.4 with my Macbook, and want to install the same version if possible on my windows computer. The main reason I choose this version is because it’s stable and handles the IES texture node. It’s really great for Mac!

Does anyone know how I should approach this in the best way to get it for windows? Where do I at least find a 2.79 version that gives me the IES texture node?

I’ve tried several 2.79 versions already without any luck…

Edit: My mac version is:
date: 2018-06-13
Branch 2.8

Looking at 2.8, the IES texture is there, so it’s part of the install I guess.
Unless it’s something you installed a while ago.
In that case, it’s in your Blender user preferences folders somewhere.

Oh… And welcome!! :slight_smile: