how to install mosaic

I dont know how to set up the render binaies option. (i got xp64)

Hey dagobert,

If your using the latest CVS version of MOSAIC all you have to do is select your renderer in the preset menu. You can download just the latest script here, or the better option is get a CVS client and download the entire CVS package with updated examples and such :wink: I prefer the TortoiseCVS client when I’m on widoze :slight_smile: You can get CVS instructions here.

I’ll be creating a new download package specifically for the BlenderToRenderMan blogs from CVS today if you dont mind waiting a day or so. I normally don’t like building a download package from an incomplete version but I think it will simplify things for many :wink:


Full Frontal Noobity here:

i got mosaic, it comes up in blender, that’s all good.

i got aqsis, installed, but Visual Studio, which came with it, won’t install. this may be a problem, i don’t know.

when i press render on mosaic, it asks me to set the directory and binaries. there is no presets.

what do i do/don’t?

i am about to install tortoise. will this solve my rendering ruccus?

Last night I updated the sourceforge downloads to include the latest CVS version to make things simpler (no need to use tortoise unless you want to) :wink:
Goto click “Download RIB MOSAIC” and it will give you the latest version for your OS :slight_smile:



i downloaded Mosaic, but one important question…

Is this a renderer or only a programme which prepares the scene to later render it with Renderman?
So do I also need Renderman to create an image or only Mosaic? I tried rendering and it brought me a RIB-file.

IIRC, MOSAIC is the Blender interface to several (any?) Renderman compliant renderer(s)… but you DO have to download and install one of those renderers (AQSIS, Pixie, 3Delight are all Renderman compliant IIRC, to name a few).

You then have to point MOSAIC to the installed renderer’s binaries.

If you do not have MOSAIC configured to “feed” a specific renderer, then all you get is the Renderman scene file… the RIB file.