How to install Oscurart Tools ?


I feel stupid because I can’t install Oscurart Tools in Blender 2.69 as it is discribed here:

I did copy all the Plugin Files into “\2.69\scripts\addons_contrib\oscurart” but after it I can’t find the Oscurart Tools in the Addons Preferences Menue.

Does anyone have an idea what I do wrong ?

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PS. Wouldn’t it be easier to provide a Zip File for the installation ?

Did you also copy the file?

Also, if you get your build of Blender from oscurart tools should come with the build.

I totally agree. But you will find that most blender plugin programmers are what I call “Tech Head” The use things like svn,cvs and compilers like they were born with a key board in their hand. In other words they think that since something is so easy for them to use the everyone can use the same thing.

Yes, everything is “in place”.

The Developper of the Oscurart Tools Addon is an artist and a tech guy at the same time - he is an exeption ! :wink:
But one minute to create an intall Zip File would save hours of installation anger of users :wink:

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The solution is:
Hit the “Testing” Button in Addon Tab under Preferences.

My suggestion is to write that in the Wiki ! :wink:

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I cant install the script can someone paste the zip

Also cannot install it =))

ID_inc and geralcantara,

create a folder in addons_contrib named oscurart_tools as shown in post #4

Oscurart Tools 3.2 is out, see here:

But when I follow the Link then I only can download Version 3.1.
Where is Version 3.2 to download ?

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Buildbot has them v.3.2 and as it looks on a first sight - functional. Click on image.