How to install plugins?

I downloaded the Gen3 python script for blender but where do i place it in?
I am using linux ubuntu 7.04 fiesty fawn.
I searched for an folder from blender but i could not find it :open_mouth:
Can somebody please tell me where to place it in on linux?

the location depends on the way you’ve installed Blender!
Anyway, it’s a hidden directory ( .blender )
Enable the “show hidden files” of your file browser and search in your home
directory for a “.blender” one or maybe in /usr/local or /usr/share/
Inside there’s a “scripts” sub-directory; place your scripts inside!

Ahh thanks i installed blender trough synaptic ^^
My problem was to find the directory of blender itself thanks for stating that it was hidden.
But one more question.
I got blender 2.43 from the synaptic manager 2.45 wasnt there is there an way to update without re-installing or?

why is .blend hidden? ive never had it hidden

You’ve always had windows I bet.

. files are hidden in UNIX (Linux/OSX/Other)

no not only windows, i used to have linux and used blender on there as well

Blender its very easy to “install/use”, no need to wait to a “distro” version
Just download the Blender file, uncompress it where you want ( home directory for your use, maybe /usr/local/Blender, for system wide use) and run the blender binary inside the new folder, ex. with kde/Konqueror:
go to the new Blender-2.45xxxx folder, right-click, choose open terminal here, and type ./blender -W to run blender in full screen if you like it
Or, you can place a direct link in your desktop, of course!

Thank you very much now i have the newest stable release.
Snd thank you all for the reply’s