how to install pywin32 into blender2.5?

Since I would like to use odbc to connect to postgresql database in blender, I need to install pywin32 into blender2.5. how to do that? Thanks for your help.


Download pywin32 from the link below and install it using the included installer. That’s it.

When I try to install pywin32 (for python3.1 in window XP) into blender , the installer says: “Python version3.1 required which was not found in the registry”. I don’t want to install another copy of python3.1 outside of blender and just want to add pywin32 extension into blender. Any ideas?

install python3.1, then install pywin32, then copy the site-packages and Lib folder to your blender25/2.52/python/… folder. (there maybe other files you need to copy from your python3 folder) Then you can remove python3.1

Thanks a lot, goathead. It works now.