how to install scripts on Mac

I have come across some scripts that are meant to help the importing process but I have no idea how to install them. On one page there is mention of a “Blender/scripts” directory… On the binary installation of Blender I have for my mac the only directory in Blenders directory is plugins… and there is no script directory in that one either.
any ideas?

You just make a folder yourself. I made one called python. Then in the user prefs, select that directory as the python scripts directory.

this is a tricky one…
ok first, what looks to you as a single blender executable in finder is actually a directory. you can browse it’s contents by right-clicking and then “Show package contents”.

This won’t help you much, however, since the scripts directory is hidden in the finder (it is inside the .blend directory, and .dot files are always hidden in the finder).

so you have two ways of installing scripts. the first is to use the terminal (if you don’t know to use that proceed to plan B).

Plan B: open blender, open a text-view, load a script. now go to save it and navigate all your way down to the scripts directory inside the blender directory. since blender doesn’t use the standard OS X file requestor you’ll be able to see all files and directories (also hidden ones).

you can show .folders in the finder if you use the “Go to folder” (i think) menu from the top finder menu. Then type in the folder you want to view. (For instance, you can go to any .folder, or /var, or /etc etcetera.

To show hidden files and folders in the terminal (if you’re new to it) type “ls -a” or “ls -la” (stands for list all).