How to install the linux version of Indigo?

I have downloaded the 32-bit Linux Build of Indigo (indigo_linux_v1.0.9_2.tar.gz) and the manual install version of Blendigo ( I have put in the scripts folder in the .blender folder. When I start Blender I can find “Blendigo v1.0.9(.igs)” listed in the Scritps menu under Export. If I select it I get the message “cant find file “/.blender/scripts/bpydata/IndigoWrapper.conf”! please check installation”. The question is what to do with the contents of the the tar.gz archive so that Blendigo can connect to it. Please I an not interest in Wine, clearly this can be done nativley Linux.

Heya, it’s been a while since I did this, so I might be wrong but:

I downloaded the zip version

Extracted the contents to my Indigo folder eg: /home/indigo (that way the preview folder is in the right place already)

Copied the .py file to .blender/scripts/

Edited the IndigoWrapper.conf file to contain:
(be sure to change this to where you’ve installed Indigo)

Copied the (edited) IndigoWrapper.conf file to .blender/scripts/bpydata

I think that’s all I did.

Thanks NoshBar but I not sure I have understood about IndigoWrapper.conf. Do you mean that I need to create a text file named “IndigoWrapper.conf” containing the text “/home/indigo”?

That’s pretty much all it consists of, but it should be in your downloaded blendigo folder, along with the blendigo script and previews. Make sure you have the same version Indigo and Blendigo. Then simply edit IndigoWrapper.conf to point to where your Indigo folder is, and copy it to .blender/scripts/bpydata

Thanks organic. I had downloaded only the .py file. I have now downloaded the .zip file and it has IndigoWrapper.conf.