How to install themes so they show up in selection window?

Hi there! New to Blender. I know how to change from the default to rounded theme. I’ve downloaded a bunch from the blendernation theme repository but Where/how do I install them so they show up under the themes preferences and I can select them?



Ah, forgot: I’m using 2.42a Please help.


You’ll need to put the theme python scripts in the Blender scripts folder directory, then start Blender. Go to the text screen that is there, and change it to a Scripts window. Choose ‘Update Menus’ and then go to ‘Themes’ to choose the theme from there.
To keep it as a choice from the drop down menu, you’ll need to return the Script window to a text window, the reselect the opening default screen and select ‘Save Default Settings’ (Ctrl-U).
Next time opening, the theme should show up, and you can then return to your default theme and save that as default. The other choice should still be there.
Hope that makes sense :slight_smile:

So I’ve started Blender…Um, where is the text screen you speak of? Step by step please. I’ll only need this info once.

Thanks Craig


It is a choice in the default screen listings.On the drop down bar right next to ‘Help’ the arrow button opens a vertical menu of screen options that are preset in the default. You can customise your screen set ups here. Anyway, select the SR:Text, and you will see a 3d window, a Text screen, and a button window. You can click on the lower left icon to change the text window into a scripts window.
From there, try to follow the steps I already gave you. They should work to get you the ability to save your themes in your default. Remember that saving to default saves everything, so you will need to do this without changing all the default tools and model,etc. If you need to start over from scratch, then you can find the B.blend file and delete it to force Blender to make another default file.
Try the search function, and I think you will find several posts on this subject.
Good luck, and enjoy the themes!!
Craigo :slight_smile:

Hmm. they’re not showing up?

Got IT! thanks!