How to install ubuntu software without internet AND pain?


I have the questionable pleasure to install some Ubuntu software on my Eeepc in order to record a few video tutorials. It’s one step towards a successful crowdfunding campaign and therefore very important.

Now this PC doesn’t have a connection to the internet. That’s where it gets ugly.

When I try to install Gimp, it tells me I miss dependencies.
And when I try to install the debs that are listed when I type
sudo dpkg -i gimpxyz123

then of course these dependencies have dependencies, too.
Same for ffmpeg.

Is there a way to make this a bit less cumbersome? Or do I have to really sort this out one by one?

I can’t afford fast internet right now (or slow). Or electricity. Or proper food. And the fast internet PC at the library doesn’t allow networking.

Since it needs to be done, I take the brute force road (now, an hour later I actually have 2 apps installed…). But I’m curious for the future.


Debian/GNU/Linux ( stable version, 7.2 “Wheezy”) would be a better choice for your problem, because its barely updated ( just some security upgrades sometimes, that don’t touch many packages.
If you could get the the complete distribution on a DVD or USB stick, you’ll be “safe” for a moment


You read this:

Where have you been all my life?
I want to marry you and I want your babies.

In other words: Thanks a lot, this is exactly what I have been searching for. No more brute force EVER…


The cool thing about Wubi is it installs Ubuntu like a program onto your computer, requiring you to perform no dual-booting or partitioning; just like how you would install Photoshop or Firefox. (And it uninstalls just like how you would uninstall Photoshop or Firefox.) Rather, Wubi fools your computer into thinking you are dual-booting and have a separate partition for Ubuntu: When you boot your computer, you have the option to boot into Windows or Ubuntu. Wubi makes a virtual partition that your computer can boot off of, allowing you to enjoy the wonders of Ubuntu without the pain.