How to install yafaray?

I installed the addon from here but it gives only a black screen…so I guess it’s only the exporter and not the actual renderer. I downloaded 0.1.1 version fro yafarya’s page…the .deb file and ahead I dont know how to install it in blender. Help.

I’m using Ubuntu12.04

You downloaded the exporter and the renderer. We need a bit more information.

Blender 2.65 is built against Python 3.3. Are you using 2.64 or 2.65; did you download for Windows or linux; 32 bit or 64; where did you unzip it to?

Don’t install the 0.1.1 it may make things worse.

I built this one on 12.04 64 bit for Blender 2.65, if it suits your system try that one:-

Hello, I installed Blender via PPA…so it’s a 2.65. It’s Ubuntu 12.04 32Bit. I installed only the addon, didn’t do anything with the 0.1.1 renderer yet…

From the information you posted you have downloaded the wrong addon. There are five 32 bit versions in the link you posted, and none of them are for 32 bit linux versions of Blender 2.65.

Try this one:-

I’m then uninstalling the addon. So the link you gave, that 3mb download contains both the addon+renderer?