How to interact wii balance board in Blender and other question.

Hi all, just joined.

As a team at Edinburgh Uni, we are making an interactive art game using the blender game engine.

Q1. I tried to get the wii balance board to interact with blender using Oscullator but the links to download “Blender’s Python scripting framework” gives an error on the page, and the info and downloads on this page

are out of date.

We wonder if anyone here knows where we could get up to date files and info for this?

Q2. I heard a rumour that 3D sound in the Blender game engine can not be developed using a mac. Is this true because I am sure I have seen it on a mac?

Thanks for you replies in advance.

Greetings from University of Plymouth!

We’re using Blender for data viz in our Planetarium.

I’ve been looking at BGE + Wiimote recently. I’ve noticed that ‘’ - and the file you were after have suddenly disappeared…There seem to be about 5 different approaches floating around

I’m getting success talking with pyBluez on linux. I’m in the process of writing a Wii -> OSC python app. I thought DarwinRemote was the way to go on Macs? Or am I assuming the Wiimote is similar to the balance board?

For audio, have a look at CLAM - good Blender integration, and pretty cross platform, far more powerful than OpenAL style approaches.

Hey Plymouth!,
We are hoping the balance board is the same as wii remote. Thanks for the reply, will let you know how we get on.